D & Me

My horse, Dorian, and I have been on a remarkable journey together. As I grew in my relationship to him and experienced a bond I didn't know was possible, we both began to grow and change in ways I could never have imagined. 

We've each experienced long-buried traumas rising to the surface and through trust in each other, we've both moved through them, each of us going forward to gain our freedom. Both Dorian and I have seen physical changes, too, as part of this healing process. My increasing ability to listen to him--really listen--has also allowed me to change self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. And it wasn't just me--Dorian has changed, too.


Never a nuzzler, never what you'd call an affectionate or playful horse, he's now playing with most all the geldings in his pasture, and sometimes even nuzzling me! 

Through all of it, I knew the growth and progress we were making was real and true, but I didn't always understand how it happened, or why. So I did some research to understand how the horse-human connection can be so healing, and result in the growth, progress, and changes we were experiencing. 

With that understanding, I realized the same healing and progress we experienced is possible for anyone. That's why I'm sharing my experience with you--in the hope that you'll be open to a new sort of relationship with your own horse. Let me know how it goes!


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